TPLS Division

Led by Mr. Yoram Rietti, a former Commander of the Israeli South region Counter Terror Unit and deputy to the commander of the region’s SAR Unit, the TPLS division combines advanced security, logistics, and operations capabilities with vast operational experience in desolate, conflict, disease, and other high-risk areas.
Strategically collaborating with Sheba Tel-Hashomer, one of the 10 best hospitals in the world, our TPLS team has built, operated, and secured dozens of field hospitals, remote sites, and logistics operations across Africa, America, Asia, and Europe.

Our Professional Services:



Highly advanced medical care by expert physicians, as well as medical equipment and medications, under any condition in any region across the globe.

Logistics & Operations

Holistic field hospital solutions – from facility shipping and transportation to maintaining patient and employee nutrition, safety, and hygiene.

Search & Rescue (SAR)

Our team includes managers and commanders from Israeli Rescue units with vast experience acquired over hundreds of complex global SAR operations.

Security & Safety

Comprehensive security services for all our TPLS operations, including site security, protection gear, site safety, protocols, and SOPs.

sonalized Field Hospital Solutions

Field Hospital Leasing

Building field hospitals in remote areas, including infrastructure, logistical aspects, mechanization, and medical equipment. Our team operates the hospital for a period of 3-18 months, (medical and operational) while training local staff for full facility operation and then handing it over to the client.

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Field Hospital Outsourcing Services

Building, operating, and securing field hospitals, remote sites, and logistics operations in challenging environments. Combining advanced security, logistics, and operations capabilities with vast experience in desolate and high-risk environments.

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Field Hospital Provisioning

Offering four models of field hospitals, including infrastructure, logistics, mechanization, and medical supplies. Providing a comprehensive, methodical know-how spanning the logistical, operational, and technical aspects of running a hospital.

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Strategic Cooperations

We maintain strategic cooperation with leading experts in complementary fields:

Sheba Tel Hashomer Hospital




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